Annie and her mother

Annie and her mother When I told Amanta the first story about Annie about kindergarten, I included in it a joke about a dog helicopter.

Annie and her mother observed how their dog Chernysh wagged a tail, and did it so quickly that they decided that from it the quite good helicopter can turn out.

They composed small rasskazik how it is possible to arrive in school on a dog helicopter.

In the very first school day of Amanta I saw her to school.

When we approached gate I felt as it began to squeeze my hand more strongly and more strongly as her concern grew.

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Applying Well anything, next time I will make better, but not so: I made a mistake, and I have no hope for its correction: it at me will never turn out!

Ways of solution of problems by means of selfconversation can be applied and to situations of a social order.

Applying the method described above, children are trained to scroll these situations in mind.

At first the child defines an essence of the arisen problem, including the emotions caused by it.

Then he considers some alternative options of reaction, possible consequences of application of each alternative, and then makes the decision that it is necessary to do and as it is necessary to arrive.

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Each such

Each such Each such case forced to worry mother, and she was it is inimitable in inventing various, improbable tagastrof, presented to it inevitable.

However Mrs.

studied each of problems in process of their emergence and by the end of the twoyear period could not any more without some amazement to look back on former I.

It could to smile, having remembered the concern on the fact that Ted will make the pregnant woman the little girl and to have content that the son and in the business grew darling and the good guy though arrived in own way, and it on to being managed to refuse control over everything treating the list events of his life.

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In other

In other Throughout all this time our parental experience developed from takeoff and falling.

There were periods when children behaved perfectly, and then we also felt perfectly.

In other time they made that, about than it is told in this book, and then we were rather unfortunate: offended, annoyed, ensnared.

Each case such caused in us deep and very unpleasant experiences.

They meant the approximately following for Bob: In me something not so.

I cannot establish the kind and close relations with the children.

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It life, but not poets

It life, but not poets It is impossible to learn to love and hope to find it, it is part of heritage of life.

It life, but not poets and prophets speaks.

The love can be considered and from other point of view, than it is done by religion and poetry.

It can be considered from the point of view of the life.

Then we see that it not only something imagined and wished, it also reality the eternal force which nothing can break.

I would like to tell some words about this reality, and also about statements of poets and prophets.

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