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… The letter

… The letter … The letter can be reread, having curled up, or, having gone outside, to increase scenery of the recognized events … … Over the years sheets of the letter turn yellow as if are drawn, turning into house volumes … … The received letter can be carried simply after reading with itself, internally keeping each detail … As much secrets stores the letter sent … The letter sent in an envelope is a part you writing it is a print of your internal and external space … … Nervousness or accuracy of lines perfectly stores and transfers a state … … The letter is a careful transferring of an event on the leaf keeping it and in a week in camber of the present … … The written letter sometimes can painful be confessionary, and, so ochishchayushche … But also thus we write internally raised, as if on tiptoe … … Our internal experiences find a letter body in clothes of an envelope, and go to dear person … … Browsing of pages as breath and exhalation … … The writing of the letter creation of the Text.


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