All this

All this I brought home a dog.

Really I should drive your this old jalopy when I receive the driving license?

To leaving school I want to receive as a gift new Datsun.

All this situations in which, having told yes, you do a favor to the child.

It for the present not things which you provide to him or her; it so far permissions, favors.

And as they represent only favors, respectively nothing prevents to tell you yes or no.

Thinking over these examples, pay attention, whether you feel without everyone preliminary discussion that have to tell yes or, maybe, to yours concern in that appears the first motivation.

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There is a sacrament

There is a sacrament … On the way of a toy, as well as the growingup people, learn life, at dark entrances, in a difficult way of asphalt they meet children with different destinies, and one by one themselves give away.

There is a sacrament itself donations.

… At the end of the fairy tale a doggie the Button comes to life because it absolutely is necessary to recover, having learned the world of the childhood.

And then it meets the boy whom looked for.

The plot is simple, but the idea of a podarkovost about which we agreed in the beginning, sounds here extraordinary stridently.

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It is very

It is very It is very probable that by then when you finish all three steps, the initial situation in the relations with your child considerably will improve.

In the vast majority of those families to which we could give help, big the part of positive changes happened within several weeks or even days after parents sincerely refused to control points from the list of events of life of the child as it was told about it in chapters , and started defending as we just described, the rights in the relation points from the list of events of life of the parent.

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It is not necessary

It is not necessary The ban has to be reasonable, differently the baby will arrive counter to you.

Do not straighten out the child in each small occasion, and explain him consequences of these or those acts, allow it to learn on own experience whenever possible!

about properties and qualities of subjects.

For example, the kid took a knife from a table.

It is not necessary to shout heartrendingly: You will be cut!


Let will turn, will look.

Carefully take away a knife from the baby, tell that can happen if not to be accurate and attentive.

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During game

During game Occupations on development of acoustical perception mostly take place thus.

WIND INSTRUMENTS AND VOICE We achieve that the child starts realizing that effort which he puts to the tool, and resistance to this effort.

During game on wind instruments resistance proceeds not from the tool, and arises at a breath exhalation, as when using a voice.

Occupations with voice and or with wind instruments can serve understanding by the child of pressure of the air filling lungs.

The voice and the tool supplement each other, helping the child to feel lips, language, cheeks and teeth though contact with a wind instrument is more tangible and concrete.

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