Just as the form

Just as the form Just as the form of language is defined by sounds of the alphabet and to rules of drawing up words, and form human to time ma, a basis into which all wealth can be interwoven perception and imagination, inherently, is defined on row.

And if we study works of all of those who left the trace on the earth in the form of inventions, useful to mankind, we will see that as a starting point something always served upo ryadochenny and exact in their consciousness and what exactly it gave them opportunity to create something novoye Even in the figurative worlds poetry and music there is a basic order, so exactly ny that it is possible to call it metric.

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I will always

I will always That you did here, disgusting creations!

Who allowed to clean my garbage who dared to break the law?


In punishment I will turn all of you into candy candy wrappers!

Give, give, children!

Vasya cried.

I will always clean everything!

Ahahah, Neuberinda began to yell and began razduvatksya, as a huge balloon.

Blue moths ispugaklis also scattered in all directions.

And Neuberinda hung over the city and was inflated, inflated, closing herself the sky.

I accurate!

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If it wants

If it wants Let them proceed from you and become impromptu.

If it wants to you, they can proceed only a minutes twothree.

Instead of at once going to prepare, leave at first the house and sit some minutes on steps at an entrance.

Going to the car, lift a stone and look, whether you will get it in a tree trunk.

During a usual breakfast afford new thought: it is quite good to throw some highlights in orange juice.

Having adjusted itself so that to hear these small desires, you will be able to notice subsequently all those inquiries breaking tranquillity, exciting, with with which your signaller addresses to you.

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But I now do not see where

But I now do not see where I do not doubt it Annie told.

But I now do not see where it is possible to put you.

I will put you in a pocket so far.

There it is dark and safe, and you can have a sleep there until I do not find for you a suitable place.

Thanks the weed told, having picked up backs in a nice round ball that it was possible to be located comfortably in Annie's pocket.

Perhaps, those trees will cover my small sornyachok?

Annie thought and went to them.

The sky was blue as a mother's jacket, and the sun became intolerably hot.

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In its improvisations

In its improvisations Thus Jeffrey used own words, told the stories which are thought up by him, accompanying himself on a zither which gave him necessary support.

Jeffrey had also internal feeling of a musical form.

In its improvisations on lamellar hand bells and a melodics I noticed various elements from six or eight steps.

Jeffrey improvised, and I wrote down improvisations at him before eyes to help it to realize that it does, and tried to force it to read records and repeatedly to reproduce written in a sound.

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