You are called

You are called They will tell all this differently, in other words, but sense told how you will feel, will be such.

You are called by friends of your child and ask that you talked to him, as if they know nothing about an event; and then start rendering on you pressure that you changed the position, telling thus, what frightened, loving, upset etc.

your child looks wonderful.

Your parents or other relatives put pressure upon you, which speak: You cannot arrive so with the child.

, That.

will be with it or with it?

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As it kosterit

As it kosterit As it kosterit them, these callous people!

And when began to understand talked to the boy who got into troubles, it became clear that nastuchal to it stealthily, having surrounded with a ring moreover threatened thus be silent, will be worse, and he was silent.

Passersby most likely and did not pay attention, did not understand that actually occurs: well, the children frolic, and are fine what to disturb?


That the child could call, ask for the help, he has to know well: you or other adults do not condemn, will not begin to deride, criticizecondemn and go on: Itself it is guilty, ahah the little coward.

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Usually Close examination of a problem as the person it ladevat this tool leads us to confidence in volume what exactly the child absorbs language.

And this process absorptions has the deep and mysterious nature, and to these time to it it was not paid due attention.

Usually we ogra we nichivatsya by the following words: Children live with people, to the tory speak therefore they and start speaking.

But, in view of uncountable difficulties, prisutst vuyushchy in the majority of languages, this idea seems very much on verkhnostny.

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RHYTHM In general, as it is represented, the rhythm

RHYTHM In general, as it is represented, the rhythm They help children to realize the power over a sound and the movement.

RHYTHM In general, as it is represented, the rhythm at the initial stages influences more strongly than a melody.

The rhythm is perceived physically, it cannot be taught.

It causes physiological reactions.

However unlike a melody, it only occasionally provokes the child with autism to the vocal or verbal answer.

Very few children with autism possess an innate sense of the rhythm connected with the movement.

They do not realize the persuasive movements subject to any monotonous rhythm which, in fact, a rhythm is not.

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Well and that, all the same, I will

Well and that, all the same, I will Vasya was surprised.

Well and that, all the same, I will always clean everything now!

He jumped from a bed, washed, cleaned teeth and ran to display in toy places while mother cooked vkuskny porridge.

From a case watched a blue moth Vasya.

No, he angrily grumbled.

Neuberinda should be told: this boy does not suit us!

The fairy tale about Mishka and an order Tatyana Kozlova Once upon a time there was a boy Petenka and his friend polar bear.

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