On that

On that Present that the preacher came from the third ring to teach the children who are in the second ring.

Perhaps, it would tell: Do not use some meat.

It can be the cause I rekha.

Children would answer: Well.

We do not love some meat.

Or, perhaps, he would address to another and told: In these clothes you can catch a cold.

Carry something warmer.

On that children would answer: The cold to us is not terrible.

To us and so to statochno warmly.

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Actually Imagine: you observe how the butterfly tries to get out from a cocoon.

Actually the butterfly has to put a lot of effort and in this sense to test many sufferings, getting out of a cocoon, if that it is rather tenacious before, having waved wings to depart; if to it to help to get out of a cocoon, she will die soon.

Knowing it and understanding that the son or the daughter make decisions which by all means will lead to troubles, the reasonable parent nevertheless will allow the child to accept them and will be able really to estimate and test pleasure from humanity and inevitability the events, potential opportunities and novelty concluded in the similar sorts situations.

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Mathew went

Mathew went Soon after that I played Vau's Rockabye.

Mathew went was to a window, but after the first phrase stopped, listening, returned and sat down on a floor about me.

I stopped, and Helen continued to sing.

She reminded the son that when he was absolutely small, this song accompanied his dream.

Then she played the first line on a glockenspiel, and we with it made a purring sound a song up to the end.

Some minutes later Mathew sang something very similar to the first line.

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To it environment, which

To it environment, which Often asked me a question: But as you force to behave so well these crumbs?

As you at uchat them to such discipline?

And to it not I taught them.

To it environment, which we so carefully trained them under prepared, and also freedom which they found in it.

At such conditions of quality of children aged from three till six years, earlier not known at them, could prove at last.

When adults interfere with this first stage of podgot ki to social life, they almost always make mistakes.

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Mother and the father

Mother and the father It very much was pleasant to an elephant calf, and there was a wish to have to it the same sphere.

Mother, the father, I too want such ball, buy me, a pokzhaluysta, he began to ask parents.

Mother and the father very much loved the sonny and decided to pokradovat the kid.

They bought it a beautiful yellow sphere.

The elephant calf was happy, he went with the shakrik everywhere.

And when went to bed, tied him to the krokvatka.

Soon, walking in the park, the elephant calf saw very beautiful green sphere at a bear cub.

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