The idea

The idea So, in recent years British occupation of India one the family of the British diplomats often sent two children to have dinner with the Indian nurse in one of the Indian dews koshny hotels.

There the nurse, sitting on a floor, taught children there is a rice hands as it is accepted in India.

The idea consisted in, that children in the future had no feeling of contempt and otvrashche niya to this feature of Indians which usually causes Europeans have a hostility.

Because such distinctions in everyday life and the feeling arising from here vrazh debnost are the main reasons of disagreements between people.

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It is my duty

It is my duty If my child gets to trouble, my duty consists in, that to get out him or her of this trouble.

I have to endow everything for my child, because his requirements and wellbeing are more important, than mine.

It is my duty to ensure safety of my child; I the one who has to be on the alert in relation to all dangerous situations and who has to to protect from them my child.

It is my duty to preserve my child against sufferings, troubles, mistakes and failures.

The vast majority of parents around the world builds the behavior on to basis of this sort of ideas.

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Now, turned

Now, turned Shouts of the son drove mother to despair.

She understood that any more not in forces even to look at it during attacks, and Mathew closed in his room.

And again I quote Helen: I remember three awful cases when I kicked it, is rather strong that it flew by through all room.

Now, turned at me in the head, you start beating this child.

And how badly to see the child who, even turned into the shivering porridge, does not stop shouting.

I simply hit it very much, and on it bruise.

That, oh, damn, people who koloshmatit the offsprings so do that those become covered from head to foot by black and blue spots.

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Thus, both

Thus, both At the benefit pleasant conditions the child at the birth will be strong and the healthy.

Thus, both pregnancy, and conception influence on life after the birth.

We already mentioned a trauma of the birth and in this regard danger of emergence of regressions.

Nature of these regressions can be very serious, but not so as vnutrnut robny influence of alcoholism or hereditary zabolev niya epilepsies, etc.


After the birth critical years, which begin we just studied.

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The snake

The snake The star shines.



The snake creeps.



The river flows.



The mouse peeps.



The dragonfly flies.



The tree grows.



The wind blows.



Tell together.

Suggest the child to consider pictures and to call the actions represented on them, at first separately, and then together: The rose blossoms.

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