Sometimes Annie wanted to escape upward, to hide under a bed and to close ears not to hear that occurs below.

Sometimes she heard how they argued nochyyu.

At first she tried to inspire in herself that it was the TV because simply did not take out when they had a dispute.

When the girl already could not dump everything on the TV any more, she started turning as a worm under a blanket, closed ears palms and tried to think of something another not to hear voices of mother and father.

Voices of the arguing parents sounded in a disgusting way.

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… The letter

… The letter … The letter can be reread, having curled up, or, having gone outside, to increase scenery of the recognized events … … Over the years sheets of the letter turn yellow as if are drawn, turning into house volumes … … The received letter can be carried simply after reading with itself, internally keeping each detail … As much secrets stores the letter sent … The letter sent in an envelope is a part you writing it is a print of your internal and external space … … Nervousness or accuracy of lines perfectly stores and transfers a state … … The letter is a careful transferring of an event on the leaf keeping it and in a week in camber of the present … … The written letter sometimes can painful be confessionary, and, so ochishchayushche … But also thus we write internally raised, as if on tiptoe … … Our internal experiences find a letter body in clothes of an envelope, and go to dear person … … Browsing of pages as breath and exhalation … … The writing of the letter creation of the Text.

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Bright mother, with

Bright mother, with Game, imagination and questions are characteristic lines of this age, and it is wellknown.

But often cart nikat misunderstanding.

Sometimes questions are difficult.

Mother the child asks from where I undertook?

It puzzles over this question.

Bright mother, with day per day expecting this question, decides to tell the truth.

Therefore as soon as the fouryearold kid asked the question, she answers: The child my, I you made it.

The answer was fast and short, and the child calmed at once sya.

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Perhaps It is important to read not simply the fairy tale to the child, but also to pokdumat, than such behavior of the kid is caused.

Perhaps the kid in such a way draws to himself attention: wants to spend more time with you that is quite normal for the child.

Perhaps it does not have enough new experience, he does not know where, on what to direct the energy, it is boring for it.

Perhaps the kid tries to egotrip, show that he too costs something.

In this case raise its selfassessment, praise it for any achievements, show other way of selfaffirmation.

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All this

All this I brought home a dog.

Really I should drive your this old jalopy when I receive the driving license?

To leaving school I want to receive as a gift new Datsun.

All this situations in which, having told yes, you do a favor to the child.

It for the present not things which you provide to him or her; it so far permissions, favors.

And as they represent only favors, respectively nothing prevents to tell you yes or no.

Thinking over these examples, pay attention, whether you feel without everyone preliminary discussion that have to tell yes or, maybe, to yours concern in that appears the first motivation.

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There is a sacrament

There is a sacrament … On the way of a toy, as well as the growingup people, learn life, at dark entrances, in a difficult way of asphalt they meet children with different destinies, and one by one themselves give away.

There is a sacrament itself donations.

… At the end of the fairy tale a doggie the Button comes to life because it absolutely is necessary to recover, having learned the world of the childhood.

And then it meets the boy whom looked for.

The plot is simple, but the idea of a podarkovost about which we agreed in the beginning, sounds here extraordinary stridently.

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