But I now do not see where

But I now do not see where I do not doubt it Annie told.

But I now do not see where it is possible to put you.

I will put you in a pocket so far.

There it is dark and safe, and you can have a sleep there until I do not find for you a suitable place.

Thanks the weed told, having picked up backs in a nice round ball that it was possible to be located comfortably in Annie's pocket.

Perhaps, those trees will cover my small sornyachok?

Annie thought and went to them.

The sky was blue as a mother's jacket, and the sun became intolerably hot.

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In its improvisations

In its improvisations Thus Jeffrey used own words, told the stories which are thought up by him, accompanying himself on a zither which gave him necessary support.

Jeffrey had also internal feeling of a musical form.

In its improvisations on lamellar hand bells and a melodics I noticed various elements from six or eight steps.

Jeffrey improvised, and I wrote down improvisations at him before eyes to help it to realize that it does, and tried to force it to read records and repeatedly to reproduce written in a sound.

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Of in of the speech

Of in of the speech of in of the speech are noted by symbols, given mi under fig.

As now we know that in the certain iioiiaeie the child uses two three hundred words; spo Yub which I offer, allows to represent it grafiche the I item that could be understood a hook at a single glance, how razvi g

Parts of speech are designated everywhere HI them and same symbols.

At the left edge of the chart spots are shown is not defined ache the forms designating the first attempts of the child zagovo ryu to exclamation, an interjection etc.

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And here

And here Bravery and recklessness things different.

And here as far as the daughter or the son understands it already depends on us.

What can parents make?

If energy is, and it is necessary to put it somewhere.

It is worth redirecting and problems and dangers becomes less.

Help to find business, occupation where irrepressible teenage energy will be spent.

Do not disperse if gather at you in the yard and even at you under windows.

Of course, it is uneasy, but.

Authoritative adult.

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They did not realize

They did not realize One father, very legible it is musical, wanted to know, whether it will be useful to listen for the child to houses music only of the XVIII century as parents considered as the best it.

They spoke of all other genres and types of music scornfully.

They did not realize that their onesided and prejudiced tastes obviously reflect their rigidly disciplinary attitude towards the son in a family circle.

They did not reflect that a music role in life of their son to enrich his life, but not to constrain and limit.

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Suddenly Filip held a small wooden stick in hand a fetish which could not be taken away from it.

At first I tried to draw its attention with the nightingale song which ornithologists strum on a special musical instrument.

The boy reacted instantly.

Suddenly he as if regained consciousness, having raised the head, and on bird's looked around.

Then he answered a nightingale, having knocked on a table with the stick.

The real dialogue during which Filip responded to the song turned out, tapping with a stick.

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