Chickens. It is necessary

Chickens. It is necessary porridge.

Eat, Masha, little by little Here, hold the big.


In our house fifth year Lives the red.


Tail fluffy, pads are soft, Only in pads is.


Time on the silent street Went a rooster and.


And behind them their children Zheltopuzye.


It is necessary to rise to me a bit earlier I will be to mother.

to help, Quickly I will work At once I will wash up.

ware, And then I will take a sweeper And our court yard.

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Sorry, my dear, but I already

Sorry, my dear, but I already I do not want cornflakes, I want some crispbread Annie was capricious.

Sorry, my dear, but I already poured in milk there.

And you can eat crispbread tomorrow.

I do not want tomorrow, I want them today.

It is unfair!

the Indignant Annie went to the room where there was a TV.

You should have asked me before to pour milk!

She looked at the program of telecasts, and then looked for hours.

Well here!

It missed the favourite transfer.

As everything is bad since morning it develops!

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Remember with

Remember with Remember with the child any fairy tale for example, Winter quarters of animals, talk about fantastic heroes and their characters who strong, who clever, kind, who harmful, etc.


And then suggest to play: to whom it is similar in he is that person?


And who from acquaintances is similar to a rooster?

On a bull?

On a bear?


Children notice external differences at once, your task to show, as inside people different.

Here the elderly woman leaned out of a window and swears banishes children from the windows and in a volley blurts out various threats.

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The young

The young The son was broken off literally in two: it replaced a set of schools, Georgian and Russian.

Now lives and studies in Moscow, does not know that will be tomorrow.

The young man harmonous, very thin, in a southern way beautiful, pale to yellowness, the person which stiffened as a mask.

Answers reluctantly, hides eyes.

Tries to exaggerate the Georgian accent, makes mischief; but all this is with absolutely motionless person.

All this is absolutely not ridiculously and so inadequately that makes horrible impression.

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The idea

The idea So, in recent years British occupation of India one the family of the British diplomats often sent two children to have dinner with the Indian nurse in one of the Indian dews koshny hotels.

There the nurse, sitting on a floor, taught children there is a rice hands as it is accepted in India.

The idea consisted in, that children in the future had no feeling of contempt and otvrashche niya to this feature of Indians which usually causes Europeans have a hostility.

Because such distinctions in everyday life and the feeling arising from here vrazh debnost are the main reasons of disagreements between people.

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It is my duty

It is my duty If my child gets to trouble, my duty consists in, that to get out him or her of this trouble.

I have to endow everything for my child, because his requirements and wellbeing are more important, than mine.

It is my duty to ensure safety of my child; I the one who has to be on the alert in relation to all dangerous situations and who has to to protect from them my child.

It is my duty to preserve my child against sufferings, troubles, mistakes and failures.

The vast majority of parents around the world builds the behavior on to basis of this sort of ideas.

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