By the reasoning

By the reasoning Actually it is one of the most revolutionary ideas, because it is opposite to everything that thought and did in the last ODES.

By the reasoning based only on fi icheskoy to hygiene, came to a conclusion or to delusion that the child has to be isolated!

As a result appeared to a spa shi p, a share the room, OR the nursery which is taken away especially for and and and when it was counted unhygienic, for it is figurative send hospital.

The child left one and forced to sleep I is also possible more as though it was sick.

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At the same

At the same Fortunately, Mathew appeared the quiet boy: ate well breast milk, quickly passed to feeding of times at four o'clock and in intervals between feedings almost all the time slept.

The boy learned to sit down in five months.

He smiled and behaved quietly though could begin to cry, asking food.

At the same time he talked a little and was satisfied that sat in a carriage or a chair and watched parents.

The first disturbing signs appeared at the age of five months.

As Mathew was the large kid, Helen started feeding him with firm food since four months, for example rice flakes for small children with the diluted cow's milk.

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