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Annie and her mother

When I told Amanta the first story about Annie about kindergarten, I included in it a joke about a dog helicopter.Annie and her mother observed how their dog Chernysh wagged a tail, and did it so quickly that they decided that from it the quite good helicopter can turn out.They composed small rasskazik how it is possible to arrive in school on a dog helicopter.In the very first school day of Amanta I saw her to school.When we approached gate I felt as it began to squeeze my hand more strongly and more strongly as her concern grew.


Well anything, next time I will make better, but not so: I made a mistake, and I have no hope for its correction: it at me will never turn out!Ways of solution of problems by means of selfconversation can be applied and to situations of a social order.Applying the method described above, children are trained to scroll these situations in mind.At first the child defines an essence of the arisen problem, including the emotions caused by it.Then he considers some alternative options of reaction, possible consequences of application of each alternative, and then makes the decision that it is necessary to do and as it is necessary to arrive.

Each such

Each such case forced to worry mother, and she was it is inimitable in inventing various, improbable tagastrof, presented to it inevitable.However Mrs.studied each of problems in process of their emergence and by the end of the twoyear period could not any more without some amazement to look back on former I.It could to smile, having remembered the concern on the fact that Ted will make the pregnant woman the little girl and to have content that the son and in the business grew darling and the good guy though arrived in own way, and it on to being managed to refuse control over everything treating the list events of his life.

In other

Throughout all this time our parental experience developed from takeoff and falling.There were periods when children behaved perfectly, and then we also felt perfectly.In other time they made that, about than it is told in this book, and then we were rather unfortunate: offended, annoyed, ensnared.Each case such caused in us deep and very unpleasant experiences.They meant the approximately following for Bob: In me something not so.I cannot establish the kind and close relations with the children.

It life, but not poets

It is impossible to learn to love and hope to find it, it is part of heritage of life.It life, but not poets and prophets speaks.The love can be considered and from other point of view, than it is done by religion and poetry.It can be considered from the point of view of the life.Then we see that it not only something imagined and wished, it also reality the eternal force which nothing can break.I would like to tell some words about this reality, and also about statements of poets and prophets.

The majority

Compulsive rituals and excessive perfectionism often develop as a result of searches of ways and ways of decrease or the prevention of alarm.The majority of us is familiar with it; for example, sometimes we cross fingers during a lottery, expecting when declare the advantageous ticket.But compulsive children and children perfectionists have a level of alarm and concern is higher and stable.The feature of their behavior which is expressed in repeatedly repeated actions arose and took roots as a way of muting or weakening of alarm.


Annie wanted to escape upward, to hide under a bed and to close ears not to hear that occurs below.Sometimes she heard how they argued nochyyu.At first she tried to inspire in herself that it was the TV because simply did not take out when they had a dispute.When the girl already could not dump everything on the TV any more, she started turning as a worm under a blanket, closed ears palms and tried to think of something another not to hear voices of mother and father.Voices of the arguing parents sounded in a disgusting way.

… The letter

… The letter can be reread, having curled up, or, having gone outside, to increase scenery of the recognized events … … Over the years sheets of the letter turn yellow as if are drawn, turning into house volumes … … The received letter can be carried simply after reading with itself, internally keeping each detail … As much secrets stores the letter sent … The letter sent in an envelope is a part you writing it is a print of your internal and external space … … Nervousness or accuracy of lines perfectly stores and transfers a state … … The letter is a careful transferring of an event on the leaf keeping it and in a week in camber of the present … … The written letter sometimes can painful be confessionary, and, so ochishchayushche … But also thus we write internally raised, as if on tiptoe … … Our internal experiences find a letter body in clothes of an envelope, and go to dear person … … Browsing of pages as breath and exhalation … … The writing of the letter creation of the Text.

Bright mother, with

Game, imagination and questions are characteristic lines of this age, and it is wellknown.But often cart nikat misunderstanding.Sometimes questions are difficult.Mother the child asks from where I undertook?It puzzles over this question.Bright mother, with day per day expecting this question, decides to tell the truth.Therefore as soon as the fouryearold kid asked the question, she answers: The child my, I you made it.The answer was fast and short, and the child calmed at once sya.


It is important to read not simply the fairy tale to the child, but also to pokdumat, than such behavior of the kid is caused.Perhaps the kid in such a way draws to himself attention: wants to spend more time with you that is quite normal for the child.Perhaps it does not have enough new experience, he does not know where, on what to direct the energy, it is boring for it.Perhaps the kid tries to egotrip, show that he too costs something.In this case raise its selfassessment, praise it for any achievements, show other way of selfaffirmation.

All this

I brought home a dog.Really I should drive your this old jalopy when I receive the driving license?To leaving school I want to receive as a gift new Datsun.All this situations in which, having told yes, you do a favor to the child.It for the present not things which you provide to him or her; it so far permissions, favors.And as they represent only favors, respectively nothing prevents to tell you yes or no.Thinking over these examples, pay attention, whether you feel without everyone preliminary discussion that have to tell yes or, maybe, to yours concern in that appears the first motivation.

There is a sacrament

… On the way of a toy, as well as the growingup people, learn life, at dark entrances, in a difficult way of asphalt they meet children with different destinies, and one by one themselves give away.There is a sacrament itself donations.… At the end of the fairy tale a doggie the Button comes to life because it absolutely is necessary to recover, having learned the world of the childhood.And then it meets the boy whom looked for.The plot is simple, but the idea of a podarkovost about which we agreed in the beginning, sounds here extraordinary stridently.

It is very

It is very probable that by then when you finish all three steps, the initial situation in the relations with your child considerably will improve.In the vast majority of those families to which we could give help, big the part of positive changes happened within several weeks or even days after parents sincerely refused to control points from the list of events of life of the child as it was told about it in chapters , and started defending as we just described, the rights in the relation points from the list of events of life of the parent.

It is not necessary

The ban has to be reasonable, differently the baby will arrive counter to you.Do not straighten out the child in each small occasion, and explain him consequences of these or those acts, allow it to learn on own experience whenever possible!about properties and qualities of subjects.For example, the kid took a knife from a table.It is not necessary to shout heartrendingly: You will be cut!.Let will turn, will look.Carefully take away a knife from the baby, tell that can happen if not to be accurate and attentive.

During game

Occupations on development of acoustical perception mostly take place thus.WIND INSTRUMENTS AND VOICE We achieve that the child starts realizing that effort which he puts to the tool, and resistance to this effort.During game on wind instruments resistance proceeds not from the tool, and arises at a breath exhalation, as when using a voice.Occupations with voice and or with wind instruments can serve understanding by the child of pressure of the air filling lungs.The voice and the tool supplement each other, helping the child to feel lips, language, cheeks and teeth though contact with a wind instrument is more tangible and concrete.

Just as the form

Just as the form of language is defined by sounds of the alphabet and to rules of drawing up words, and form human to time ma, a basis into which all wealth can be interwoven perception and imagination, inherently, is defined on row.And if we study works of all of those who left the trace on the earth in the form of inventions, useful to mankind, we will see that as a starting point something always served upo ryadochenny and exact in their consciousness and what exactly it gave them opportunity to create something novoye Even in the figurative worlds poetry and music there is a basic order, so exactly ny that it is possible to call it metric.

I will always

That you did here, disgusting creations!Who allowed to clean my garbage who dared to break the law?!In punishment I will turn all of you into candy candy wrappers!Give, give, children!Vasya cried.I will always clean everything!Ahahah, Neuberinda began to yell and began razduvatksya, as a huge balloon.Blue moths ispugaklis also scattered in all directions.And Neuberinda hung over the city and was inflated, inflated, closing herself the sky.I accurate!

If it wants

Let them proceed from you and become impromptu.If it wants to you, they can proceed only a minutes twothree.Instead of at once going to prepare, leave at first the house and sit some minutes on steps at an entrance.Going to the car, lift a stone and look, whether you will get it in a tree trunk.During a usual breakfast afford new thought: it is quite good to throw some highlights in orange juice.Having adjusted itself so that to hear these small desires, you will be able to notice subsequently all those inquiries breaking tranquillity, exciting, with with which your signaller addresses to you.

But I now do not see where

I do not doubt it Annie told.But I now do not see where it is possible to put you.I will put you in a pocket so far.There it is dark and safe, and you can have a sleep there until I do not find for you a suitable place.Thanks the weed told, having picked up backs in a nice round ball that it was possible to be located comfortably in Annie's pocket.Perhaps, those trees will cover my small sornyachok?Annie thought and went to them.The sky was blue as a mother's jacket, and the sun became intolerably hot.

In its improvisations

Thus Jeffrey used own words, told the stories which are thought up by him, accompanying himself on a zither which gave him necessary support.Jeffrey had also internal feeling of a musical form.In its improvisations on lamellar hand bells and a melodics I noticed various elements from six or eight steps.Jeffrey improvised, and I wrote down improvisations at him before eyes to help it to realize that it does, and tried to force it to read records and repeatedly to reproduce written in a sound.

Of in of the speech

of in of the speech are noted by symbols, given mi under fig.As now we know that in the certain iioiiaeie the child uses two three hundred words; spo Yub which I offer, allows to represent it grafiche the I item that could be understood a hook at a single glance, how razvi g

And here

Bravery and recklessness things different.And here as far as the daughter or the son understands it already depends on us.What can parents make?If energy is, and it is necessary to put it somewhere.It is worth redirecting and problems and dangers becomes less.Help to find business, occupation where irrepressible teenage energy will be spent.Do not disperse if gather at you in the yard and even at you under windows.Of course, it is uneasy, but.Authoritative adult.

They did not realize

One father, very legible it is musical, wanted to know, whether it will be useful to listen for the child to houses music only of the XVIII century as parents considered as the best it.They spoke of all other genres and types of music scornfully.They did not realize that their onesided and prejudiced tastes obviously reflect their rigidly disciplinary attitude towards the son in a family circle.They did not reflect that a music role in life of their son to enrich his life, but not to constrain and limit.


Filip held a small wooden stick in hand a fetish which could not be taken away from it.At first I tried to draw its attention with the nightingale song which ornithologists strum on a special musical instrument.The boy reacted instantly.Suddenly he as if regained consciousness, having raised the head, and on bird's looked around.Then he answered a nightingale, having knocked on a table with the stick.The real dialogue during which Filip responded to the song turned out, tapping with a stick.

In it it was told

The matter is that for the girl not the fear, not concern for the safety, and belief was the most distressing moment in this incident that she did not manage to cope with a horse, to operate it.It seemed to it that the horse got out of hand and incurred on her fault.She felt like the clumsy, and it was a shame to it.The story which we for it composed, was very simple.In it it was told about the girl which horse incurred.There was it not through her fault; sometimes horses something are frightened and fly headlong.

You are called

They will tell all this differently, in other words, but sense told how you will feel, will be such.You are called by friends of your child and ask that you talked to him, as if they know nothing about an event; and then start rendering on you pressure that you changed the position, telling thus, what frightened, loving, upset etc.your child looks wonderful.Your parents or other relatives put pressure upon you, which speak: You cannot arrive so with the child., That.will be with it or with it?

As it kosterit

As it kosterit them, these callous people!And when began to understand talked to the boy who got into troubles, it became clear that nastuchal to it stealthily, having surrounded with a ring moreover threatened thus be silent, will be worse, and he was silent.Passersby most likely and did not pay attention, did not understand that actually occurs: well, the children frolic, and are fine what to disturb?!That the child could call, ask for the help, he has to know well: you or other adults do not condemn, will not begin to deride, criticizecondemn and go on: Itself it is guilty, ahah the little coward.


Close examination of a problem as the person it ladevat this tool leads us to confidence in volume what exactly the child absorbs language.And this process absorptions has the deep and mysterious nature, and to these time to it it was not paid due attention.Usually we ogra we nichivatsya by the following words: Children live with people, to the tory speak therefore they and start speaking.But, in view of uncountable difficulties, prisutst vuyushchy in the majority of languages, this idea seems very much on verkhnostny.

RHYTHM In general, as it is represented, the rhythm

They help children to realize the power over a sound and the movement.RHYTHM In general, as it is represented, the rhythm at the initial stages influences more strongly than a melody.The rhythm is perceived physically, it cannot be taught.It causes physiological reactions.However unlike a melody, it only occasionally provokes the child with autism to the vocal or verbal answer.Very few children with autism possess an innate sense of the rhythm connected with the movement.They do not realize the persuasive movements subject to any monotonous rhythm which, in fact, a rhythm is not.

Well and that, all the same, I will

Vasya was surprised.Well and that, all the same, I will always clean everything now!He jumped from a bed, washed, cleaned teeth and ran to display in toy places while mother cooked vkuskny porridge.From a case watched a blue moth Vasya.No, he angrily grumbled.Neuberinda should be told: this boy does not suit us!The fairy tale about Mishka and an order Tatyana Kozlova Once upon a time there was a boy Petenka and his friend polar bear.

On that

Present that the preacher came from the third ring to teach the children who are in the second ring.Perhaps, it would tell: Do not use some meat.It can be the cause I rekha.Children would answer: Well.We do not love some meat.Or, perhaps, he would address to another and told: In these clothes you can catch a cold.Carry something warmer.On that children would answer: The cold to us is not terrible.To us and so to statochno warmly.


Imagine: you observe how the butterfly tries to get out from a cocoon.Actually the butterfly has to put a lot of effort and in this sense to test many sufferings, getting out of a cocoon, if that it is rather tenacious before, having waved wings to depart; if to it to help to get out of a cocoon, she will die soon.Knowing it and understanding that the son or the daughter make decisions which by all means will lead to troubles, the reasonable parent nevertheless will allow the child to accept them and will be able really to estimate and test pleasure from humanity and inevitability the events, potential opportunities and novelty concluded in the similar sorts situations.

Mathew went

Soon after that I played Vau's Rockabye.Mathew went was to a window, but after the first phrase stopped, listening, returned and sat down on a floor about me.I stopped, and Helen continued to sing.She reminded the son that when he was absolutely small, this song accompanied his dream.Then she played the first line on a glockenspiel, and we with it made a purring sound a song up to the end.Some minutes later Mathew sang something very similar to the first line.

To it environment, which

Often asked me a question: But as you force to behave so well these crumbs?As you at uchat them to such discipline?And to it not I taught them.To it environment, which we so carefully trained them under prepared, and also freedom which they found in it.At such conditions of quality of children aged from three till six years, earlier not known at them, could prove at last.When adults interfere with this first stage of podgot ki to social life, they almost always make mistakes.

Mother and the father

It very much was pleasant to an elephant calf, and there was a wish to have to it the same sphere.Mother, the father, I too want such ball, buy me, a pokzhaluysta, he began to ask parents.Mother and the father very much loved the sonny and decided to pokradovat the kid.They bought it a beautiful yellow sphere.The elephant calf was happy, he went with the shakrik everywhere.And when went to bed, tied him to the krokvatka.Soon, walking in the park, the elephant calf saw very beautiful green sphere at a bear cub.

If your

Describe the conflict at the beginning of the story, and then pass to its positive permission.Telling any story, be open for your child.Pay attention to when the child is keen on the story and when it is boring for it.According to his face you define its reaction to the heard.If your child comments on the story or asks questions about its contents, do not disregard it.Comments and questions often help to glance with thought of the child, in his inner world.If you are at a loss with the answer to these questions, the child can readdress them back, having asked it: And what you think in this respect?

Chickens. It is necessary

Sorry, my dear, but I already

I do not want cornflakes, I want some crispbread Annie was capricious.Sorry, my dear, but I already poured in milk there.And you can eat crispbread tomorrow.I do not want tomorrow, I want them today.It is unfair!the Indignant Annie went to the room where there was a TV.You should have asked me before to pour milk!She looked at the program of telecasts, and then looked for hours.Well here!It missed the favourite transfer.As everything is bad since morning it develops!

Remember with

Remember with the child any fairy tale for example, Winter quarters of animals, talk about fantastic heroes and their characters who strong, who clever, kind, who harmful, etc..And then suggest to play: to whom it is similar in he is that person?Why?And who from acquaintances is similar to a rooster?On a bull?On a bear?Why?Children notice external differences at once, your task to show, as inside people different.Here the elderly woman leaned out of a window and swears banishes children from the windows and in a volley blurts out various threats.

The young

The son was broken off literally in two: it replaced a set of schools, Georgian and Russian.Now lives and studies in Moscow, does not know that will be tomorrow.The young man harmonous, very thin, in a southern way beautiful, pale to yellowness, the person which stiffened as a mask.Answers reluctantly, hides eyes.Tries to exaggerate the Georgian accent, makes mischief; but all this is with absolutely motionless person.All this is absolutely not ridiculously and so inadequately that makes horrible impression.

The idea

So, in recent years British occupation of India one the family of the British diplomats often sent two children to have dinner with the Indian nurse in one of the Indian dews koshny hotels.There the nurse, sitting on a floor, taught children there is a rice hands as it is accepted in India.The idea consisted in, that children in the future had no feeling of contempt and otvrashche niya to this feature of Indians which usually causes Europeans have a hostility.Because such distinctions in everyday life and the feeling arising from here vrazh debnost are the main reasons of disagreements between people.

It is my duty

If my child gets to trouble, my duty consists in, that to get out him or her of this trouble.I have to endow everything for my child, because his requirements and wellbeing are more important, than mine.It is my duty to ensure safety of my child; I the one who has to be on the alert in relation to all dangerous situations and who has to to protect from them my child.It is my duty to preserve my child against sufferings, troubles, mistakes and failures.The vast majority of parents around the world builds the behavior on to basis of this sort of ideas.

Now, turned

Shouts of the son drove mother to despair.She understood that any more not in forces even to look at it during attacks, and Mathew closed in his room.And again I quote Helen: I remember three awful cases when I kicked it, is rather strong that it flew by through all room.Now, turned at me in the head, you start beating this child.And how badly to see the child who, even turned into the shivering porridge, does not stop shouting.I simply hit it very much, and on it bruise.That, oh, damn, people who koloshmatit the offsprings so do that those become covered from head to foot by black and blue spots.

Thus, both

At the benefit pleasant conditions the child at the birth will be strong and the healthy.Thus, both pregnancy, and conception influence on life after the birth.We already mentioned a trauma of the birth and in this regard danger of emergence of regressions.Nature of these regressions can be very serious, but not so as vnutrnut robny influence of alcoholism or hereditary zabolev niya epilepsies, etc..After the birth critical years, which begin we just studied.

The snake

The star shines.Stars.shine.The snake creeps.Snakes.creep.The river flows.Rivers.flow.The mouse peeps.Mice.peep.The dragonfly flies.Dragonflies.fly.The tree grows.Trees.grow.The wind blows.Winds.blow.Tell together.Suggest the child to consider pictures and to call the actions represented on them, at first separately, and then together: The rose blossoms.

Live contact

The same actions are applicable and to game on wind instruments, such as a melodics when duration of a sound depends on breath.Drawing is frequent is a first step to understanding of musical symbols.Live contact with a sound which the child makes itself, by voice or on the tool and which starts everything realizing more clearly, still does not demand considerable participation of cognitive processes.The child at once expects result of the actions.However activization of a certain cerebration becomes noticeable.


And secondly, when will grow up, he will understand that you deceived him and will cease to trust you.Perhaps, the child looks animated films or movies with various monsters much.Try to ogranikchit viewing time.Buy only joyful, kind, vital animated films, toys, read dokbry books.Analyse why the child started being afraid of the dark.When it began?After what case?Eliminate all possible reasons.Make so that in the children's room always there lived the pleasure, love and tranquillity.

And earlier, when

All children played only the toys.Nikkto to anybody did not talk.All sat on different small benches.And in the yard it was silent and boring.Ania got on a plastic red hill and cried from there: Children!We should find out urgently, who in the yard the sakmy greedy!We now here all most greedy, the boy Dima sadly answered.And earlier, when we played everything together who was the most greedy?Ania asked.You!chorus children shouted.I?

By the reasoning

Actually it is one of the most revolutionary ideas, because it is opposite to everything that thought and did in the last ODES.By the reasoning based only on fi icheskoy to hygiene, came to a conclusion or to delusion that the child has to be isolated!As a result appeared to a spa shi p, a share the room, OR the nursery which is taken away especially for and and and when it was counted unhygienic, for it is figurative send hospital.The child left one and forced to sleep I is also possible more as though it was sick.

At the same

Fortunately, Mathew appeared the quiet boy: ate well breast milk, quickly passed to feeding of times at four o'clock and in intervals between feedings almost all the time slept.The boy learned to sit down in five months.He smiled and behaved quietly though could begin to cry, asking food.At the same time he talked a little and was satisfied that sat in a carriage or a chair and watched parents.The first disturbing signs appeared at the age of five months.As Mathew was the large kid, Helen started feeding him with firm food since four months, for example rice flakes for small children with the diluted cow's milk.


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